Ready Pro 14.8 - Important news about eBay Gateway module

Ready Pro 14.8 - Important news about eBay Gateway module

The new version Ready Pro 14.8, released just a few days ago, implements several new features. In particular there are several improvements and enhancements to eBay Gateway that make today Ready Pro the most complete management software for those who develop their business through the eBay marketplace.

The most important implementations are:

  • Added support for listings with size/color variants
  • Added support for combined orders
  • Auto-relist an item when it's available again
  • Automatic notification of orders shipped
  • Added functionality for sending EAN/UPC barcodes with listings (for automatic eBay tech. specs)
  • Possibility to configure an automatic calculation of shipping charges
  • Possibility to convert eBay orders directly as DDT or invoices

For technical support about the new eBay Gateway module procedures, sign up and use for free our support forum.
For any question please contact our sales dept. at sales@readypro.com

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