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griff 05/02/2019 14:31 griff

store credit on account

Hi Frank/Fabio

I show ready pro e-commerce to a consignment boutique.
question that came up. One option that they have for they customer is they will
sell the items for store credit only.
How can ready post the credit to the customer account and apply the credit to future purchase that they will be making and keep track of the balance due to that customer.

thank you

Franck 07/03/2019 16:14 Franck

I'm sorry for the late reply... it's a long and difficult argument to be explained.

the feature you need is ACCOUNTING/TAKINGS AND PAYMENTS but this procedure is related to the Accounting year, the chart of accounts, the bank details and some other information that have to be inserted.

It's not easy to explain all on the forum.

Try to use the feature as it is.... creating a new accounting year (2019).
I don't know, for example, how is the charts of accounts in USA...