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griff 02/01/2019 20:21 griff

seo setup

Hi Frank/fabio

Could you post a slide procedure on how to setup SEO and options in E commerce

thank you

Franck 23/01/2019 16:05 Franck

SEO means "all and nothing"...

The main factor that increase ranking are the contains of the website. I mean the copywriting of static pages and item description...

Another factor is the traffic on the website and above all the quality of the traffic, I mean the not only the number of click, but the bounce rate and the time a user usually spend on the website.

This matter can (must) be checked on Google analytics e Search console management.

In Ready Pro you can specify the analytics TAG.

Franck 23/01/2019 16:07 Franck

In order to increase traffic you should open some adwords campaign (Google adwords)  and maybe some pay per click campaign (Google shopping)

Franck 23/01/2019 16:12 Franck

In order to improve the ranking, you should also manage the URL rewriting.
It makes your url more clear to be understood from search engine.

Franck 23/01/2019 16:14 Franck

A responsive template (like our new ones) is mandatory.