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griff 16/12/2015 14:47 griff


Hi fabio/frank

ebay order management.

If customer is running a special on items on ebay, when the ordered
are downloaded and  converted to invoices will ready pro use sale price form the ebay order or  use the price form the ebay price book in ready pro.

nie: item on special on ebay for $8.00 and sold for $8.00
ready pro ebay price book is $10.00, will the invoice print at $8.00 or

griff 23/12/2015 00:55 griff


Hi Frank Fabio
did you get this post??

Fabio 23/12/2015 09:33 Fabio

unfortunately Ebay manages dozens of different types of discounts and it is difficult to answer precisely.

If it were I would answer yes, but in the case of eBay USA i suggest to give it a try, and if you find some kind of difference in the total we could make some changes