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WPZ 16/07/2012 12:27 WPZ

Postage Rate Tables

One thing that we will need to do to our existing listings is do an overhaul of the p+p process.

We wish to transfer from a flat-rate system to a calculated rate system based on weights and buyer location.

I already have a spreadsheet with the weights on, and criteria for the rates table. The problem is, I am not sure how to implement it, preferably in bulk.

Can ReadyPro help with this, or will it need to be done direct through eBay?

Fabio 16/07/2012 12:49 Fabio

Currently Ready Pro can only assign a fixed shipping cost to eBay listings. Sad
We will improve it in the future

Only our ecommerce system can manage shipping costs by weigth, shipping zone, and type of service.